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POSitouch is the premier point of sale system for the hospitality industry. This scalable solution can be used as a reliable system for clients of various sizes, and has applications for table service, quick service, hotels, country clubs, delivery, stadiums and arenas, and more. The Windows-based, open architecture software is simple to maintain, expand, and use for daily operations. Designed by industry insiders, the POSitouch application will help you increase your overall return on investment. For decades, POSitouch has provided technologically advanced solutions to the hospitality industry, and is the most feature-rich POS system on the market. The client base ranges from independent operators to national chains, all of whom have come to utilize the product as an invaluable tool for growing and managing their business. With the system’s cutting-edge technology, POSitouch is a leader in the hospitality industry.

Get Started with POSitouch


Market specific functionality

  • Color touch screen application allows for easier training and menu flow.
  • Intuitive screen design provides faster speed of service and throughput.
  • Driver dispatch and cash accountability.

Enterprise Solutions

  • Configuration Management – The POS databases for all stores can be managed centrally to reflect differences in products, menus, prices, tax rates, hardware configurations etc.
  • Data Migration – Sales, labor and inventory data from the store can be extracted automatically and migrated up through the tiers of the enterprise.
  • Data Warehousing – Data from the stores can be easily incorporated into any database or data warehousing solution at any tier of the enterprise.

Inventory Management Software

  • Eliminate the guesswork – Start controlling your inventory with accurate information on product movement and cost of raw materials
  • Recipe Creation – Track all of the items that are needed to create each menu item, allowing you to manage purchase and usage of those materials
  • Variance Tracking – Compare physical inventory to point of sale usage to determine any issues that need management attention

Mobile Solutions Available

  • Wireless tablets and handheld devices can be used as full POSitouch terminals. These devices can run on Windows, Windows CE and Android and provide exactly the same user interface as do fixed position terminals.
  • Many third party companies that provide cellphone based mobile payments have integrated with POSitouch and are installed in the field. Customers can use a cellphone app to pay their check in POSitouch without the assistance of a server.
  • With the coming of EMV cards (Chip and PIN cards), there will be a migration towards Pay at Table for table service restaurants. POSitouch offers wireless device based Pay at Table solutions that are both server managed and customer managed.