Restaurant POS System. We love to help restaurateurs grow repeat business. Now available on sleek, restaurant-grade terminals with all payments built-in. Thousands of restaurant owners and staff rely on Upserve’s restaurant POS system to run smoother shifts.

Join thousands of restaurants who use Upserve for easier point of sale, reliable payments and in-depth analytics.Previous

Tableside ordering and payments

Upserve Tableside

Upserve Tableside is purpose built, enabling servers to deliver top-notch hospitality, exceeding guest expectations. Tableside ordering and payment processing lets you turn tables faster and spend more time with guests. Upserve customers using Tableside have seen their drink delivery time to guests cut in half!

Fire tickets without ever leaving your section

Upserve Tableside features a 5” screen that fits comfortably in the palm of your hand and clips to a belt or apron for easy on-the-go access. This means menu details, ‘86-ed items, and orders are always at your fingertips. More face time with customers and faster food delivery is key to great table management, satisfied guests, more table turns, and bigger tips. Tableside has a built-in EMV chip reader as well as non-slip side grips.

Easy to implement.

Whether you are starting from scratch or migrating from a traditional restaurant POS, we make deployment simple so you can focus on what’s important.

  • Personalized onboarding
  • Dedicated Success Manager
  • Professional on-site installation
  • 24/7/365 U.S. based in-house support team

Manage multiple locations.

“As an operations manager for eight restaurants, I’m never in one single place. Upserve establishes one consistent way to approach information. Being able to talk to a group of general managers, all looking at the exact same thing, using the same metrics, learning the same skills, makes my life so much easier. It was such a pain before changing from a legacy to a cloud-based system.”

Jordan Bright,
Operations Manager of Food Fight Restaurant Group

Easy for your staff.

Thousands of restaurant owners and staff rely on Upserve’s restaurant POS system to run smoother shifts. With Training Mode, staff can practice with your actual venue’s menu, master splitting checks or holding items, and checking your guests out without a hiccup.

  • Initial Staff Training
  • Full Featured Training Mode
  • Dedicated How-to Website
  • Intuitive Workflows

Works great for quick service restaurants.

“It’s very intuitive and user-friendly, which is essential for a good POS. It’s also there working for us fast and furious when we need it to, firing orders all over the kitchen. Now that we have Upserve POS in place, when new employees arrive I don’t need to train them where to go to run a credit card. If you’re familiar with touch technology, the rest is pretty much self-explanatory. Upserve POS has great adaptability. We can change orders, edit orders in all kinds of smart ways.”

Peter Kammerer,
General Manager of Sandwich Hut

Customer support from setup to forever.

Once you’re in business, our support team has your back. 24/7/365 U.S. based support from people who have been on the line and on the floor, are available to you via chat, phone, and email.

  • 24/7/365 U.S. based in-house support team
  • Reliable hardware
  • Offline Mode
  • Best-in-class Infrastructure

U.S. based customer support 24/7/365.

“Since I switched to the Upserve POS system, anytime I did need support we’d call the 800 number and we’d instantly get somebody on the phone. With [another POS] I’d have to get a callback hours later, if that. What a difference Upserve has made. They’re always there for us, 24/7.”

Evan Matz,
Owner of Crafthouse

Upserve’s Restaurant Analytics POS Integration.

Upserve consistently serves up easy-to-read reports to make sense of the data behind your restaurant’s operations, including a Daily Digest, Menu Intelligence, and Server Performance.

Upserve Inventory POS Integration.

A simple and hassle-free inventory management solution to help you streamline back-of-house, reduce waste, and cut your food costs, so you can be the boss of your bottom line. Automate the manual and time-exhaustive parts of restaurant inventory management with real-time deductions down to the ounce as menu items are sold, automatic replenishments when you receive inventory, and 1-click purchasing when you get low inventory level alerts.

Fully Integrated Online Ordering.

Own your online ordering and increase revenue by 10%. Simplified for you and your staff, without disruptive workarounds and ballooning commissions. Upserve Online Ordering integrates with your Upserve POS, providing your restaurant with the ability to add an additional revenue source without disrupting in-house operations.

Employee Scheduling with Upserve Workforce.

Create schedules, send shifts to employees, view labor costs and enforce clocking-in at the POS — all from a single platform. Ditch the spreadsheets and start building and managing schedules using the same platform you use to manage your employee information and view your analytics. Create schedules within a simple calendar view to create and assign shifts from scratch or work from an existing template.

“Something that’s very important to me, is that you have to have remote access to it. I need to be able to look at reports, track inventory, get e-mailed reports, on a regular basis. That’s something that I do get with Upserve POS and it’s something that makes my life easier.”

Dimitri Vlahakis,
owner of Esperanto

Explore our amazing array of included features.

Menu Search 
Don’t get lost in the menu. Keep focus on the guest.

Whether you have an extensive menu or tweak it often, servers don’t need to lose valuable time searching, especially not during the dinner rush. With Upserve POS, they can quickly search menu items or categories, and get that order fired off right away!

Industrial-grade hardware that won’t break the bank.

Our industrial-grade hardware includes custom Elo Android tablets, Epson printers and KDS, and Meraki Routers. It’s hand picked for reliability and durability, and purpose built for the fast-paced restaurant environment.

Connects the technology dots.

Say goodbye to disconnected technology that adds to your workload. The Upserve Platform integrates with the most popular restaurant POS software you’re already using. From streamlining your scheduling with partners like 7Shifts or working with Resy to help you deliver your best to your VIPs, our mission is to bring together the best restaurant technology in one place, and make it work for you, instead of the other way around.